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Designer LED lamps and pendants are often overlooked or left till last when a designer is creating a room. Yet the way a room is lit drastically changes its mood and feel. Designer lamps and pendant lights are a simple yet effective way to light up a space and add that personality, that wow factor. What’s more, a LED lamp or pendant light can be placed just about everywhere and anywhere. Wall lamps, desk lamps, a table lamp, feature or floor lamps and shades to match, it’s not too late to find the perfect designer LED lamp or shade and release the full potential of any property or room throughout the house.

Designer Lamps & Pendants Brisbane Carindale, Camp Hill, Coorparoo, Carina

Designer LED Lamps
& Pendants Brisbane

Designer LED Lamps & Pendants Brisbane

Find great LED Pendants & Lamps in Brisbane

Brisbane may not be known as hotbed of design however when it comes to designer lamp and pendants in Brisbane rest assured. If your after the latest in lamp and pendant light design then LED Downlights Brisbane has a superb offering of eye-catching designs to keep your home aglow in style. Endeavouring to minimise our environmental footprint through a diverse range of innovative LEDs and creative custom designs, Brisbane has it all when it comes to designer lamps and pendant lights.

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Lamp & Pendant Light Designs

Lamp & Pendant Designs

Brass, Vintage, Wooden; Which One is for Me?

If you have walked the streets of Brisbane, through Carindale, Camp Hill, Coorparoo and their surrounds then you would be well aware there are many different options and types of lamps and pendants on the market. When it comes to lamp and pendant light design, there abounds plenty of options - lamps and pendants can be made from just about anything, form brass to wood to everything in-between. So what lamp or pendant light will suit your Brisbane room? It all depends on what aesthetic you’re looking to set, the mood you are looking to create. Combined with the right shade, a LED lamp or pendant light can illuminate a room with an intimate play on light and shadow. What’s better, a great designer LED lamp or pendant light will still add to the room when it’s not turned on.

Designer LED Pendant Lamp Shades Carindale, Brisbane, Camp Hill, Coorparoo, Carina, Greenslopes

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Pendant Lights & Lamp Shades – Find a Fantastic LED in Brisbane

So you have a great lamp or designer pendant light for your home in Brisbane already. Why not enhance it with a spectacular lamp shade and embellish your designer LED lights? Lamp shades can be used as an effective means to simply yet effectively alter the a room looks and feels. What’s more, they provide a spectacular visual feast for your pleasure even when the LED light is not turned on. Interchangeable on many designer lamp and pendant light ranges, having a selection of designer lamp shades at your disposal is key if you want to easily change the feel or look of your Brisbane property. Many people keep several lamp shades on hand year-round to interchange with the seasons.

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Find a lamp, pendant light or shade in Brisbane

Go Lights LED Downlights Brisbane is Brisbane’s leading supplier of innovative and stylish interior LED and designer lighting solutions, offering a wide range of lamps, pendant lights, LED downlights and shades designed by some of the most innovative local designers. Browse our full range online now. You can also request a special offer on bulk orders by calling (02) 9011 7903

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